Artist’s Statement


ready for opening in Lusaka

ready for opening in Lusaka

California-born Katerina Ring is best known for her semi-impressionistic oil paintings of Italy and Zambia: plein air landscapes in harmonious colours, and studio animal paintings incorporating graphic elements and strong design. She has also organized several Plein Air Safaris in Zambia, and has painted zebras and elephants from life in their natural habitats.

“Life is an adventure and luck is just being prepared when opportunities arise.” In this sense, hard work, dedication to craft, and openness to new challenges has defined Katerina’s life and led to her living, painting and teaching on three continents. Katerina was a teaching assistant at UCDavis (California) in the Design Department as an undergrad, and decades later recommenced teaching at two schools in Zambia, and in oil painting workshops for adults in Zambia and Italy.

She is a proponent of painting “en plein air” and finds that painting from life, spending hours in Nature’s elements and often harshness, enriches the artist, the artwork, and ultimately the viewer who appreciates authenticity. She feels indebted to the master painters with whom she has studied (at the Florence Academy of Art, Scottsdale Artists’ School, in Germany and Belgium) whose ideas and techniques she passes on to her students with great enthusiasm.

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